Our Services Provided


MOT £44.85


All our services are conducted to manufactures' service schedules, USING THE CORRECT GRADE OIL. 


Oil & Filter Change

Up to 5.0L oil £69.95

Every extra L £6.95


Standard Service

Inspection (with wheels removed) adjust levels, OIL, OIL FILTER and POLLEN FILTER

Petrol / Diesel up to 5.0L oil £139.00 

Special oil grades (0w/20, 0w/30, 5w/40, 10w/40) £15 Surcharge

Every Extra L £6.95 (£11.95 for special grades)


Major Service

Inspection (with wheels removed), rear brake drums removed to clean and adjust shoes (if drums fitted), OIL, OIL FILTER, POLLEN FILTER, AIR FILTER,  SPARK PLUGS (petrol only) & FUEL FILTER (diesel only)

Petrol up to 5.0L oil £199.00 

Diesel up to 5.5 l oil £229