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You will get one of the BEST (if not THE best) used car warranties included in the screen price

We have two types of warranty depending on the age and mileage of the car:

2 year Warranty / 24,000 Mile (£4000 claim limit)

For cars under 8 years old and 80,000 miles.

1 year warranty / 12,000 Mile (£1000 claim limit)

For cars over 8 years old or 80,000 miles

You will be buying one of the best prepared cars in the country

I believe passionately in selling fantastic cars. But with our cars, beauty isn't just skin deep. On top of the long warranty, all our cars have the following service work before being handed over to their new owners: (We believe you will not find ANY other car dealership who does as much as we do!)

  • Inspection service
  • Oil and filter change (using the correct grade premium fully synthetic oil)
  • Air filter replaced
  • Fuel filter replaced (diesel only)
  • Spark plugs replaced (petrol only)
  • Brake fluid replaced
  • Air conditioning system checked and re-gassed
  • Fresh 12 month MOT
  • Timing belts replaced if due
  • Tyres replaced if worn down to 3mm tread or below
  • Wear and tear parts replaced if more than 80% worn
  • All cars come with TWO keys

In addition to that, all our cars are checked for vital information about the history of any vehicle you may be thinking about buying and verify the information with a confirmation certificate for your peace of mind.

  • Vehicle Identity, Stolen & Security Watch
  • Outstanding Finance
  • Insurance Write off (Damage)
  • Insurance Write Off (Theft)
  • Plate Transfer & National Mileage Register
  • Salvage History

You will enjoy the highest levels of customer care

We are really laid back. We know our cars a very well-priced and among the best prepared cars in the country. We won't try and "sell" you a car, but we will show you any car you like, go on as many test drives as you like, and answer any questions you may have.

We will offer you a fair price on your part exchange, based on CAP analysis (the motor trade valuation experts). This will almost certainly be more than webuyanycar.com.

We will then let you make your own mind up. We NEVER try and get you to sign up there and then unless you are happy to, and we won't ask any "closing questions" or try to "overcome any objections". Lastly, we won't pester you with numerous phone calls after your visit! Relax…you're in safe hands.

You will be getting the best value for money

You can buy cheaper, but you cannot find better value for money!

Our used car standards are higher than BMW approved and Volvo Select to name just two, but because of our lower overheads we can sell our cars cheaper, NOT try and upsell for warranties, GAP insurance or any other extras AND we also offer fair part exchange valuations, normally hundreds of pounds higher than values offered by main dealers!

As you can see from the list of service jobs we do on our cars, buying a car from Reynolds of Selby will also save you money on routine servicing costs in the future.

"How can we do that AND be competitively priced?"

Good question, we can do this for the following reasons:

  • We are happy to make a little on each car, but sell lots of them. We also have a really busy workshop, so are not as reliant on car sales to cover the overheads of the business. In fact the service department covers between 95-110% of all the overheads, whereas most franchise dealerships can only manage 50-60%!
  • We have our own workshop, so we can do all the work ourselves. Unlike small used car “pitches” that have to pay someone else. In large franchise dealerships the sales and service departments have their own budgets and targets, and so the service departments don't like doing things at heavily discounted rate to the sales department. So the sales manager won't authorise more than the minimum work required.
  • We spend over 1/4 million pounds on parts per year, so we get generous parts discounts which makes it more affordable to carry out such extensive pre-sale service work.
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